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Paper Invaders

The game is heavily inspired by the original. I wanted to learn and thought this type of game would give med plenty of usefull pitfalls and challenges. I was right ;-) There is one version for Windows and one for OSX. I have no idea if the OSX version will run at all, since I don't own a Mac. I would like some feedback on improvements and bugs. Thanks.

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

My first roast ;-)

I like the concept and I love the retro style and music. At first I didn't see I was supposed to use the S (or arrow down) key at all. I just assumed I should move and jump. I had to go back and check the "tutorial" again. Also I had no idea I could move the bath tub. I think that's all on me tho.

You might want to go a bit easier on the first levels. I would recommend fewer, but faster enemies.

6 months ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

I like the concept, but I had a rough start controlling Daffy at first. And I was very disappointed when I died as soon as I hit anything. I would much rather have some loss of health, instead of dying instantly when I hit something.

I would replace the font (the big red one). For me, it's does not fit, somehow...

One last thing. I expected that I could use the arrow keys and to navigate the text (New game, retry etc)

Another last thing: Let the user be able to switch to fullscreen. I cant stand playing in windows. ;-)

6 months ago

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