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Daffy Fish

Daffy Fish takes the simple gameplay mechanics of Flappy Bird and takes them to the next level, in the form of the Player Character now being a Flying Fish with the ability to leave the water for short periods of time.   Daffy Fish isn't a game for casual game players, but for those old-school players looking to test their skills to see just how far they can go.   Currently Daffy Fish has 4 Worlds with 5 Puzzle Levels Each, and the gameplay is simple,  navigate through each level, avoid hazards and collect as many goodies as you can.   The Game has 3 gameplay modes, Easy, Medium and Hard and the number of total levels you will have to play is limited based on the game's difficulty.

Level Design Game Graphics

I like that it's a new take on the old classic Commodore Vic 20 Omega Race, but it needs more of a twist to bring it into the future. Graphics are cute, but they clash with the quality of the HUD elements. Lastly, I personally would bump up the rate of fire, for it seems to me to be too slow and it detracts from the excitement of the game.

9 months ago

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