Combat Shooter Pro


Hello there. This is Combat Shooter Pro. My first FPS game. Fps microgame is taken as the base for this game. 


masterjos 6 months ago

Game Graphics Controls
really nice one . i love it thanks for making .

AtWorkOnProject 5 months ago

generally, cool dynamic game with jetpack

menu: made by KINJALK is hardly visible (black rock in the background)
no music
good left tips
game starts in lower resolution than I have (I have 1920x1080)
good weapon overheat animation
I don't know what dots on upper radar are
bullets of enemies could be slower (it's hard to dodge them)
auto ascending stairs is needed
I couldn't crouch to get to the shooting turret after stairs - then I found it's c
give jetpack straight away - it's your competive advantage, it's super cool
hacks - standing after corner so that enemies would hit corner; switching weapon instead of reloading (I don't know if it was intended)
no menu on esc
I couldn't find the last enemy after reaching second location

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RobertBleyl 3 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Unfortunately there is one option missing for me: inverse vertical controls! I am used to that option so it was rather hard for me playing it. What I played was cool - fluent movement, good weapon controls.
Obviously the levels need some work in graphics department, looks like a playable prototype right now, but that's fine.
Getting up stairs (at least they look like stairs) is not fluent, you actually need to jump - that it is also an area of improvement.
Not having music is unfortunate, but I guess that's too early for the prototyping phase as well ;)
I was not able to dodge enemy weapon fire, but I was expecting to be able to do that. It appears that they can hit me no matter what I do, which didn't feel right in a shooter game like that.
Keep working on it!

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