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Skrupel TNG

Skrupel TNG is a 4X style turn based strategy game. You control a civilization that can build space ships and colonize other planets!This is a pure browser game, no downloads or plugins required. There is a comprehensive tutorial as well as 3 scenarios to get new players up to speed. It has multiple factions with different ship types that can have special abilities like cloaking or jump engines. While the focus is on multiplayer you can also add AI opponents to your games. There are multiple game modes that alter the win conditions drastically.Looking forward to any feedback!

Drone Control

3D space shooter with strategy elementsDefend your mining drones from enemy attack waves! Use the resources your drones gather to construct defensive turrets or powerful crowd control entities.

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

The core mechanics are really solid! I played on my PC browser and the only thing missing was a hint on what keys to use, but it wasn't hard to figure out. I didn't find info in the help section either, so that's a small thing to improve. Apart from that the game plays very fluently, everything is telegraphed very clearly, color scheme works really well, too. Good job!

8 months ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Unfortunately there is one option missing for me: inverse vertical controls! I am used to that option so it was rather hard for me playing it. What I played was cool - fluent movement, good weapon controls.
Obviously the levels need some work in graphics department, looks like a playable prototype right now, but that's fine.
Getting up stairs (at least they look like stairs) is not fluent, you actually need to jump - that it is also an area of improvement.
Not having music is unfortunate, but I guess that's too early for the prototyping phase as well ;)
I was not able to dodge enemy weapon fire, but I was expecting to be able to do that. It appears that they can hit me no matter what I do, which didn't feel right in a shooter game like that.
Keep working on it!

If you have time maybe you can roast my game, too? ;)

3 months ago

Thanks for your feedback!
I am using the Unity engine.
What exactly do you mean with "Physics need to be improved"?

3 months ago

Can you elaborate on that? The controls are in fact physics based.
What aspects of the controls do you feel need work exactly?

3 months ago

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