City Stringer


Hunt for most valuable photos 

Made for weekly game jam


lulu1004 2 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I liked it,thanks a lot. Super basic graphic and very simple game mechanics/control. I would love some more differntiated game-phase/game mecanics with bonus/upgrades for example (invest you money to move faster or make certain type of event last longer).

Nage 2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, currently the game is real simple, wanted to test the mechanics and idea. May be in the future, I will make it as a real tycoon game

RogerBidon 2 years ago

Controls Story/Writing/Dialogue
Plays nicely. Without adding to mechanics, polishing it the max you can could make it really enjoyable one-shot game. To do this way, here is what I think can be added:

(note: specific ideas are just suggestions)

* Sound
** maybe no music as it will rapidly be boring
** but lots of sound effect: ambiant town sounds, car engine when moving, "click" when a photo is took, sounds associated to prend events,...

* Scoreboard (local and online)

* Visual clues
** How many money do events scores. Reading a number is boring, make the number bigger, blinking, jumping or whatever to denote visually that it is a good amount
** Flash the screen around the event when a photo is take
** Make the screen blinking like heartbeat or something to stress the player when the timer is almost terminated

* Less linear speed of the main triangle/character/photographer
** Have acceleration and decelerations
** Actually turn in intersections instead of going to the middle of the road then just be in the other direction

* Have more events at the same time
** Currently, we can catch almost all events, force the player to choose which to take and which to let go (adding strategy to the game)
** You maybe will need to have an intelligent placing of events, often grouping high revenues one, so that taking a low revenu one by greed puts you far away of most interesting events (all this while making greed tempting)

After that, adding more mechanics and tradeoff choices, like lulu1004 said, could make it more replayable.

Bug report: at the end of a game, if we wait some seconds, the "retry" button scrolls down and the game is stuck. I had to reload your page multiple times to study your game, a real player will not be so dedicated =)
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