Bot_ is a different kind of horror/story game. Things might not be what they look like. If you feel alone, and need to talk to someone, then don't play this game, because you will feel alone... even when HE is watching you.

The game has visual bugs made on purpose. You will understand why.


DSDevs 2 months ago

Game Graphics
This game is awful... creative!

I enjoyed my time with this game, I love that you have no idea what to expect next. I also think the glitchy sort of animations/effects are well done; they fit the game well and are just the right amount of subtle. The incorporation of the website was nice.
I only got the good ending, but I intend to find the bad ending!
Here are some critiques:
- The first time I played the game, I had to quit unexpectedly for unrelated reasons. So when I booted it up again later, I had to sit through all of the dialogue again. It became really frustrating to sit through the dialogue when it was slowly being typed out. I realize letting the player skip it or making it too fast would ruin the effect, but it'd be nice if it was just a little faster, or was only slow at certain times for effect.
I also have a similar gripe about the character movement speed in the 3D sections, though that's not as big of a deal. (And again, I realize this adds to the spooky effect)
- This didn't really affect my enjoyment of the game, but I don't think the dialog was as "spooky" as you were going for. It comes off as a little cheesy/cheeky, and while I enjoyed that, it might not be what you're going for. It also might just be the way I read it.
- The ending made no sense. It didn't feel satisfying, there was no explanation or climax, it's just sorta "You found the good ending!" Maybe it'll make more sense once I find the bad ending, but at the moment that's my biggest issue with the game.

Overall though, I really liked it and enjoyed it, thanks!

KepyGames 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the feedback! I am glad you liked the game and that you got some "problems" out of it! Everything you said is correct, and yes the text is cheesy mostly made on purpose! The ending will make sense if you dig a bit in the story of the game (And of course, if you find the secret ending). Anyway, thank you soo much for playing and reviewing it!

Yonbi_Dev 2 months ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Story/Writing/Dialogue
The game is awesome !
And the developer more !

KepyGames 2 months ago

Thanks! You are the best! And every follower or player is amazing!
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