Block-Aid is a puzzle/strategy game. Your units are set in blocks that you must move to block enemy units coming down towards you. You must ensure to 'block' all enemy units, if one gets passed your last line of defense, you lose.
Story mode provides 25 levels with bosses every 5 levels and a small story to keep you motivated.
Survival mode is simply you getting 15 units and trying to survive as long as possible.
Leaderboards to show your rank against other players that have played.


micatrix 3 weeks ago

Mechanics Mechanics
- It's not that easy to match enemy's and player's units. I think it should be more immediate to understand which player's unit can kill a certain enemy unity (they should be of the same type, an horseman kill an horseman, a spearman kill a spearman, etc.).

- Controls are a bit clunky. It's a bit annoying you can move a unit only a square at a time and you can't select a new unit if another unit is already selected (you need to deselect it before).

- The learning curve is a bit steep. The first two levels are ok but I think the third one is a bit too difficult at that stage of the game (I played the first 5 levels).

- A simple interactive tutorial could be useful to make the player understand the ui.

Anyway I liked the concept and the theme and I think that with a lot of polishing it could become a good game.

Phailak 3 weeks ago

Wow, such great feedback.

Hmmm... I like the idea of rock-paper-scissors but I can see how that makes this confusing, I'll have to think on that a bit for next release.
Controls I am a bit limited, because you can actually switch places with other units, especially in survival mode, I don't have an easy way to know if you want to switch places or select a new unit. Maybe it should be drag and drop? Wizards can move whole grid, horsemen two squares...

I like the idea of an interactive tutorial, I think I'll spend most of my time on that for next release.

I really appreciate the feedback!
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