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The Journey

The Journey is a game that I'm currently developing in javascript / html. The goal is for the player to get free before his health falls below cero. Use the arrows to move around. You can press P to Pause.

Physics Level Design

Hi! I like that you have different colors and that the speed increases progressively. Maybe it would be nice to add sound, as someone else suggested, and perhaps some levels with different types of obstacles to avoid (in addition to jumping over the gaps). Overall is good and I like that you can play it in the browser :)

3 months ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I really like the design and the idea. I must admit that it took me a while to figure it out though. My only suggestion would be adding a button offering a hint in case a player gets stuck in a level.

3 months ago

You're welcome. That's a great idea too!

3 months ago
Game Graphics Controls

I loved your game! I played until the end and defeated the big yellow robot (it took me lots of attempts and I really liked figuring out how to defeat it). The story was also well thought. My only suggestion is regarding the controls for jumping and crouching. Instead of the space bar and Ctrl key, could you use the arrows (up and down)?. I know you use them also to climb up and down the ladder, but perhaps it would be possible to use them to jump and crouch while there is no ladder. That would keep all the controls together except for shooting.

3 months ago

The Journey