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-273C: Shooting in Deep Space

An arena space shooter designed for mobile.  Click either side of the screen to steer.  Survive as long as possible.  Enjoy the spectacular programmer art.

Mechanics Controls

You deserve more than the one buy :-/ I actually really like the game, and the idea is awesome! I have an older phone though, and the screen's pretty small. I had trouble reliably controlling the character. Maybe move the turn buttons onto the sides of the phone, so they can be bigger? Also, the RGB points were pretty glaring. Maybe sample a random point in between a range of those values instead of purely the colors themselves. That's about it, though! I thought about suggesting looking for a different tesselation method to make cleaner/ more interesting looking shapes but given the wide number of shapes that could prove problematic. Its a cool puzzle game, for sure! Keep at it, keep updating it and I'm sure it will catch on.

3 years ago

This game looks awesome! Hopefully you're still working on it? I noticed that the download link has been made private. I would buy this when its done, though!

3 years ago

Hey, thanks for giving it a play! I agree about the name, I'm awful at naming things and changed it basically every new build. I went with this one simply because no other games popped up when searching the Play store. Probably a reason for that, though! I'll definitely shrink the bullets a bit, I liked their size for readability(and the Vlambeer-ness of them) but apparently I got that wrong.

There's actually powerup support already in the game, I just stopped working on it because my playtesters didn't like it. They're making a comeback now, though! The next update will have powerups and enemy patterns, think Galaga. It might take a bit longer to implement enemy paths but that's on the docket too. Ships will take a while longer, but I really like the idea. I'm just going to have to figure all that out.

I've actually got the spawn rate increasing a bit, but I try not to overwhelm the player until further into the game. I'm walling off difficulties with score. Do you think I should drop the breakpoint to something lower, or just make another difficulty level?

I'm definitely going to be putting more hours into this, seeing if I can't fill it out a bit. Thanks again for playing! Your advice helps a lot.

3 years ago

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