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Fighting Room

Fighting Room is a Roguelike attribute-based simulator of endless automated battles versus different types of enemies where every hit matters. Create your character, assign available attributes and enter the fighting room where you will fight with your enemy.Game Features:Great Pixel art and characters design with smooth animations will provide awesome experience while playing the game.Combat is based on different attribute variations that make every battle unique.Each battle is fully automated and give users ability to watch and enjoy the process.Earn in-game coins and purchase new fancy character skins.Different attribute combinations create great gameplay diversity.Do not require internet connection.No in-app purchases.

Controls UI Graphics

First thing that i saw is Loading screen and i personally didn't like it, since it is first impression, consider reworking it.
UI is simple and that is fine for Casual game, but maybe adding some "thing" to completed words or other areas will make it more rewarding for users to find the correct answers.

4 weeks ago

You can leave Splash screen but make it "better".
For example you can see my game in profile. For splash screen I use game name with special color and font + background
When users launch your app, they should have good first impression. Current splash screen or static Loading will not make that.
Maybe add some game tips during loading, that is just a thought.

4 weeks ago

Hi Thank You!!!
Regarding tutorial part, i personally want users to learn the game by playing it. Game has "Info" page just in case with small tips + visualization for user. But I agree that people don't really like to think a lot and sometimes you need to hold their hand.
Regarding Combat - i totally agree that the game needs more interactions and some "special" things. And this is probably the most important thing to do for the game.
The problem is that its not that easy to make without breaking the game. For instance current concept is very basic, basically user need to place stats and look how his character fights. But adding some "combat" systems, like attack/block or active skills, will break all game balance and require big amount of work.

3 weeks ago

Sure, feel free to feature it on your channel in a good or bad way :)

3 weeks ago

Thank you for the review!!!
We will definitely make changes to make the game better.
And we do agree that the game needs changes with new tutorial and gameplay depth update.

1 week ago

Hi, thank you for the review!
Yes, we also had the same idea where we thought that the game is very simple an it doesn't really need tutorial.
But a lot of feedback contained the same comment, where people really didn't get what to do. So looks like even small games like this still require some "holding users hand".

Regarding gemeplay depth, we are planing to implement "cooldown" skills. Didn't finalize it, but the work is in progress.

Regarding velocity slider, we did consider adding "X2 speed" toggle to settings, but on higher levels the game is much faster. But we had this in our list!

Again, thank you for the review!

1 week ago

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