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V of War

V of War, a VR-FPS game with mature off-line promotion practices, is now upgraded to a cross-platform online game. We adopted less VR equipment, better experience and real cross-platform game mechanism in game. More popular modes have been developing (ex. MOBA, Battle Royale etc.) .   Successful Practice V of War is a VR-FPS game presented by NINED VR. By Oct, 2017, we have held more than 400 contest in China, including experiential store, shopping malls and exhibitions etc. Famous contest like Electronic Sport China Cup, and competitions held during 2017 China Joy and ‘Internet +’ Expo caught a lot of attention from players and media. 30,000+ players had played V of War during these contests. During the long-term offline operation, V of War have gathered a lot of VR game data, we can say it is a successful to-B offline VR game. The new version of V of War is upgraded to cross-platform e-sports game. We would based the game on the previous successful product, improving the gaming experience, making it more user-friendly. We are willing to be the pioneer of VR content.  Special Cross-platform Mechanism Cross-platform Mechanism:Endow PC/VR players with different game roles based on the difference of PC/VR interaction model. PC Role (Human character): 1. Master of different types of weapons; 2. Flexible movement, many sniping points available on map. VR Role (Mech): 1. Duel wielding and stronger defense; 2. Speedy movement, shielding and soaring available.

Game Graphics Level Design

The graphic is impressive but when I play the game, I feel boring soon. The whole game is static.

1 month ago

Glad to hear that! Yeah, it is pretty fun if you play with your friends in Multiplayer mode!

1 month ago

Not released yet. But soon come to the test phase. Pay attention to our FB page where we will updates all the information there! :D

1 month ago

6Quest - The Choice Is Yours

V of War