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V of War

V of War, is a Massively multiplayer online shooter game which supports VR and PC players gaming together. Players were put in a sandbox world where the technology is highly developed, especially the communication technology, which enables the human's mind to get into other objects. And scientist utilizes this technology to get into the deep space. This group of people abandoned their physical body and upload their mind onto a machine like a powerful mecha so that they are able to invade the deep space. The rise of the mecha triggers the conflict with the human being. The war began from then on. Generally, this is a story about combat between mecha and human. Core Gameplay-Let the Mech and human cooperate & rival in a real arena Cooperate: Leviathan Squad up This is a cooperative mode, a squad of VR(mech) and other PC players(human) team up and becomes a "Leviathan". This team unit must cooperate to win. Under this mode, mecha and human support each other by adding more assistant functions to the Leviathan. E.g. mecha becomes the fort battery of human and provides the medical assistant. While human loots material for mech teammates to transform and upgrade. Here need more strategy in a team. Warrior solo-battle between individuals Individual power is the key to win. VR(mecha) and other PC players(human) fight for their own. There will be friends and enemies, but all players shall fight individually. No matter mecha or human they all need to search for resources in game to arm themselves. Special Cross-platform Mechanism Cross-platform Mechanism:Endow PC/VR players with different game roles based on the difference of PC/VR interaction model. PC Role (Human character): 1. Master of different types of weapons; 2. Flexible movement, many sniping points available on the map. VR Role (Mech): 1. Duel wielding and stronger defense; 2. Speedy movement, shielding and soaring available.  


Innocent immerses you in the not too distant year of 2218, where Earth has been devastated by natural disaster caused by excessive logging and destruction of natural resources. Unknown viruses have filled every corner of the world with raging mutated creatures. The most terrible of such viruses is known as "carbonized disease" and is the greatest threat to humanity ever known. Infection with this disease will cause a human to carbonize from the inside out without ever rotting, or as some will put it "coke." Embark on an adventure filled with challenging puzzles to solve, avoiding crisis and solving the riddle of this carbonation while unlocking the mystery of these natural disasters. KEY FEATURES *Hollywood Visual Effects 1. Grand scenic horizons, including snowy landscapes, incredible mountains, and karst caves. 2. Fully immerse yourself in a world where the fate of humanity rests solely on you. 3. Become addicted to the sense of purpose brought to you with the mission of saving humanity. *Ingenious Puzzle Setting 1. Designed for the core puzzle solving gamer. Dedicated mechanisms used in imaginative ways will impress you each step of the way. 2. Solving these complicated puzzles and traps will require both intelligence and courage. Throughout this process you will gain not only the satisfaction of solving each puzzle, but the long term gratification of truth, piece by piece. *Unique VR Experience  1. Blue Butterfly Time: Blue Butterfly is a skill players may acquire when first entering Storm Island. Utilizing Blue Butterfly Time allows the player to enter bullet time, unlocking possibilities that would otherwise not exist. 2. Realistic Experiences: Experience thrilling things you otherwise would not dare to do, climb snow capped mountains and slide through incredible caverns. 3. User Friendly: Experience a simplified gameplay, using hand tracking to intuitively operate in game objects and solve puzzles. 

Game Graphics Level Design

The graphic is impressive but when I play the game, I feel boring soon. The whole game is static.

1 year ago

Glad to hear that! Yeah, it is pretty fun if you play with your friends in Multiplayer mode!

1 year ago

Not released yet. But soon come to the test phase. Pay attention to our FB page where we will updates all the information there! :D

1 year ago

Join us in Feb 26, 2018!

10 months ago

Thanks! It will be released on Steam at Feb 26,2018. Come to join us!

10 months ago

Glad to hear that! Yes, Mecha can fly in the sky 2 situations: 1. in Battle Royale mode, there is airdrop setting for mecha, so mecha can fly as human when they jump from the helicopter; 2. while you play mecha role, you also can flip over the controller to lift up in the sky.
You can check this tutotial to learn the basic operation of the mecha in game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ltrOIZN1UY
Keep eyes on our game! More updates will come!

9 months ago

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. And thank you so much for giving us advice.

We've updated the game to the latest version and we can say soon it will get ready to be launched. We enlarged the map where allows 50 players, including 10 VR and 40 PC to play in a game round, renew the game graphics, added new functions of mecha, like disassemble and self-repair...We believe the game is getting better and better now, really hope you guys will like it once it releases.
Hope you have a great day!

2 months ago

6Quest - The Choice Is Yours

V of War