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ZDU: Zombie Disposal Unit

A survival, level-up game featuring a robot vs zombies.In addition to roasting me here, I'd love additional feedback:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xuAtsTwfXDniPZ_dast4np6YHgZSWwpedlFJJQYU0k4Flavor text:The year is 2256.A new kind of virus is discovered and humankind has proven unable to withstand it. This virus unleashed the first zombie outbreak this planet has seen.The first response to the zombies was all out war, but the zombies mutated uncontrollably. Decades later, the virus is decidedly uncurable.The remaining uninfected have relocated to Space Station Redemption to wait for Project Squeaky Clean to be complete. Humankind's survival now hinges on their automated cleanup robots called  "Zombie Disposal Units" or ZDUs, designed by engineer John Scerri.  Will the ZDUs and their auto-fire turrets be able to clear the Earth of the zombie scourge? Can you survive?

Game Graphics Controls

I really like the comicbook aesthetic you have going on here. IMO, the blocks and the background should be more contrasting colors... red on red doesn't look that great.

My first issue is controls... at first I tried to swipe rather than just hold and move. A tutorial overlay in the beginning might be nice.
Also, I really want the sounds... I know that will come later, but it looks pretty good, I just wish it sounded good.

I will admit I didn't get very far, but I hope / want to see power ups... maybe screen shakes? other "juicy" things in the game.

2 weeks ago

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