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Playable on Mobile and Desktop at Description: Staroyale is a Multiplayer online sci-fi shooter. It is a game of skill, luck, and perseverance. In Staroyale players pilot their starship in one of several modes, including Team Death-Match, Battle Royale, and Free for all. Faced with the task of taking on a whole armada of enemy starships, players must make use of the intuitive controls, upgrade their ships, skills unique to each starship, and an interactive environment to take down enemy ships or risk being destroyed. Choose a ship and loadout that best suits your play style as each ship comes with its own set of passive and active skills, allowing for different play styles and strategies, with not just one way to victory. By playing more games, players can unlock more unique ships with a different set of passive and active skills to dominate the battlefield. players can also collect unique essences and power up their ship with those essences. Controls (WASD) to steer shipQ to user skillLeft-click to shoot, Middle click to send Emoji.(1,2) to swap between weapons(4) to use consumable(G) to throw items(F) to force pickup weapons.  

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Played the mobile game and although it is super easy to figure out, I do think a tutorial option or a brief description of controls and how the game is played could really help it out!
Neat game concept, hope you can add AI or online multiplayer!

1 month ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Love the concept, a very unique idea for a game, and love the little dialogue the characters have. However, it does need a little bit of a tutorial mode I think, something that helps the user experience the different types and their effectiveness in like a 1 on 1 style. For example, you could have the Wally character as the enemy and the tutorial says you need high assholiness to beat Wally, so the user can need to choose a good character for that, and maybe have like 3 rounds of this where its two 1v1 and then a final 2v2 so it helps the user grow with the format. Overall awesome game and look forward to seeing the updates and progress!

1 month ago

Thanks for commenting! Really appreciate the feedback! We are aware of the tips issues and are working on the best way to fix that right now and should hopefully have it patched in the coming week!

1 month ago

Hey really appreciate your take! Is there anything specific about the tutorial that is not useful? Or anything we could add that would make it more meaningful for new players?

1 month ago

Awesome really love these ideas and will pass them along to the team! I know right now we are working on cleaning up the main menu! Will definitely be posting updates here too!

1 month ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

The game looks great! Honestly great writing, it's engaging, and very well designed! If I was being nit-picky I'd say that some of the screens, during the battles look a little busy, but overall it's
great! Do you have any socials we can follow to stay up to date on your game?

1 month ago

If you have anything to add about ways we can improve the game that would be appreciated! It doesn't require you to download anything! If you provide any sort of recommendations I would happily check out your posted game and support!

1 month ago

Thank you! We are actually working on the tutorial right now, making it shorter and more related to the actual gameplay! And we are definitely looking at switching it to the space bar! What are your specs if you dont mind me asking?

1 month ago

Thank you! If you have any feedback or ways we can improve let me know! Just trying to make the best game I can!

3 weeks ago