School Fight


Select your party of three characters and become the strongest kid at school. There are six different classes to choose from: strength (bully, wally, sportskid), assholiness (squealer, rich kid) and intelligence (nerd). Battle it out in turn-based 3vs3 matches. All characters attack at the same time in this brawl. 

How to play: choose an action for each character.

Attack: deal damage to one target. 

Defend: this character only takes half damage this round.

Types: Strength is weak against assholiness, assholiness is weak against intelligence and intelligence is weak against intelligence.

Added a How to Play page

audio/visual feedback for hits
better and more animations


MestariSSD 4 weeks ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
The best part of the game atleast for me, was the Mechanics. really liked that certain types are weak to others. I believe that the game would be better with something like story mode, that already is in upcoming features. Overall i would say that it is okay.

EckeEcke 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your roast. I was aiming for a battle system that is easy to understand yet offering enough possibilities to play strategically. I will probably add like one or two more tweaks to it like formations. Also when adding Story mode the game should not be longer than 5 minutes. Otherwise it would get kinda boring.

AubriellaRoastgirl2 3 weeks ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I like your game graphics but yor level design is not better than mine instead its worser then mine so guess your game is ok.

EckeEcke 3 weeks ago

Thanks. If you upload your game I will give it a try. 4

StupidDeveloper84 6 days ago

UI Graphics Controls
This game is amazing!!! I like the ui alot! the controls where a little hard but it was ok.

EckeEcke 4 days ago

Thanks, man! Yeah, the battle menu is one thing I gotta improve in the future.

niterurice 4 days ago

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve
in escene is interesting but i really need some tutorial or some text to tell the player what to do

EckeEcke 2 days ago

Thanks. I will add a button to open a "How to Play" page on the title screen.

niterurice 1 day ago

maybe if you have a little more time or willing to do, like a small animation of a "story" and a single 1 vs 1 fight where you could put some arrows step by step on how to play.

maybe if you have a little more more more time put some feedback on attacks to know with more impact if that action do damage just to make it more teatrical.


EckeEcke 1 day ago

Thanks for sharing your ideas! :)
For now I added a simple how to play page. When I find more time animations will be way to go. Also the audio/visual feedback depending on attack is really good. I will at least add the damage dealt to the battle ticker and maybe color the number differently.
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