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Chaddius Maximus

CHADDIUS MAXIMUS is a Metroidvania like single player game with a pixel art style, combining features from the classic games 'Castlevania' and 'Metroid'.  The game has been made by a group of students at BUAS-IGAD withing the course of 6 weeks. The game is created using a fully custom engine.  We hope you enjoy playing and would like to hear any feedback you might have. You can give feedback by leaving a comment or via the following form:  Story:Sent on a mission by his king, Chad explores an ally's fallen kingdom to defeat the diseased creatures that overrun it. Fight your way through the monstrosity that reside there and defeat their king. ProductionBoyd Catsman DesignSven de Wit     Sander PetersAdham Berjawi     Jesper MulderTimo Bron ArtDanielle Viljoen     Bram LepelaarRazvan Cercel     Réka HorváthLukas Mommers ProgrammingMarjolein Kaal     Frank de JongBruce van den Berg     Antonio CordeiroLuke Buitendijk     Pepijn Averink AudioTim Wondergem QAJente van Rooij Special ThanksDamiaan van CittersDirk de KokJoaquin AquileraVincent BurgerAngelo VerbeneStefano LazzaroniIGAD StaffAnd all of the amazing players that try out Chaddius Maximus...    

Mechanics UI Graphics

Hi man, I liked the combinations of your mechanics in the game. Using the jump combined with the thrust to propel yourself upwards at high speed brought cool moments.
However, at the bottom left of the screen, you have your rabbit taking up a portion of the screen. It seems like there is no reason to do this. It doesn't convey any information during the jump and mostly distracts me more than it adds to the gameplay.

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A Hundred Hazard

Chaddius Maximus