Chaddius Maximus


CHADDIUS MAXIMUS is a Metroidvania like single player game with a pixel art style, combining features from the classic games 'Castlevania' and 'Metroid'.  The game has been made by a group of students at BUAS-IGAD withing the course of 6 weeks. The game is created using a fully custom engine. 

We hope you enjoy playing and would like to hear any feedback you might have. You can give feedback by leaving a comment or via the following form:


Sent on a mission by his king, Chad explores an ally's fallen kingdom to defeat the diseased creatures that overrun it. Fight your way through the monstrosity that reside there and defeat their king.

Boyd Catsman

Sven de Wit     Sander Peters
Adham Berjawi     Jesper Mulder
Timo Bron

Danielle Viljoen     Bram Lepelaar
Razvan Cercel     Réka Horváth
Lukas Mommers

Marjolein Kaal     Frank de Jong
Bruce van den Berg     Antonio Cordeiro
Luke Buitendijk     Pepijn Averink

Tim Wondergem

Jente van Rooij

Special Thanks
Damiaan van Citters
Dirk de Kok
Joaquin Aquilera
Vincent Burger
Angelo Verbene
Stefano Lazzaroni
IGAD Staff
And all of the amazing players that try out Chaddius Maximus...



rechronicle 1 year ago

Game Graphics
cool game! I like the overall look and feel of its design. As the room gets harder, I stuck at the level with the bird enemies hunting the character down from all direction. It really tests the patience to get rid of them one by one.
The compression method is amazing as well, the game size is only 4MB. Wowser.

Even without BGM, the gameplay is great, maybe add an ambiance may improve it.

If you have some time, please roast my game: https://roastmygame.com/game/a-hundred-hazard
Thank you and good luck for the development team!

allengames 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
Thanks for uploading your game buddy, I enjoyed checking it out! Here are a highlight of some pros/cons.

- The graphics are great, really love the style
- The animations are good too, would be good to get some more subtle detail here and there, but they look smooth

- Didn't feel like the controls where super responsive/intuitive.
- The resolution menu isn't too great, seemed to be an odd list of resolutions, e.g. didn't include 1080p for me. Looks wise though I liked it!
- Moving through the menus with keyboard felt odd, sometimes it jumped over the options so was hard to pick things.

LarryLeviathan 11 months ago

Game Graphics Controls
Fantastic graphics. Couldn't seem to crouch though.
Roast Em


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