A Hundred Hazard


Bunsterdam, the robo-rabbit, embark on a quest in searching of 'secret legend' atop of the snowy mountain.
There's no other choice due to low food supplies.

Join him on his epic mission!

Move around with A & D.
Jump using Space key.
Use Rocket Thruster by holding S key.

Last but not least, please roast the game with your Flame magic!
Thank you!

Added basic tutorial for newcomer.

More stages, more challenges?
Future fate is unknown.


chaosvulture 1 year ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
Hi man, I liked the combinations of your mechanics in the game. Using the jump combined with the thrust to propel yourself upwards at high speed brought cool moments.
However, at the bottom left of the screen, you have your rabbit taking up a portion of the screen. It seems like there is no reason to do this. It doesn't convey any information during the jump and mostly distracts me more than it adds to the gameplay.

rechronicle 1 year ago

Hello chaosvulture, thank you for playing the game!
Yup, I'm just wanted to show the character face there. Maybe there should be a change in expression when the player jump/falling/stuck in the cliff. Still learning on how to optimize the UI design.

I'm glad you like the mechanics!

monteva 1 year ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
The soundtrack is subpar - perhaps use some NCR music? I'm not sure.
The color contrast can be better - Right now, everything is kinda neonish-green, which imo, makes it look dull.
The game sounds are really annoying imo.
Roast Em


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