Prose & Codes


Prose & Codes invites you to explore the wonderful world of books through deceptively simple substitution ciphers.

  • Demo includes 49 encoded excerpts from literary classics--both well known and obscure--across 7 unique genres.
  • Easily save your favorites, find spoiler-free synopses, and read every single book featured completely free--direct links included

Once released, a portion of all proceeds from Prose & Codes will go to Project Gutenberg, an online library of over 60,000 free ebooks.

Thank you for playing and I appreciate any feedback!

  • fixed bug where using "Reset" would remove difficulty-based solved letters
  • fixed bug where certain cipher letter boxes were unclickable
  • added punctuation to both lines of the cipher
  • added two stamp animations
  • changed button fonts
  • added flashing pointer hand on ciphers that have multiple pages (will only show every 30 days)
  • added favorite heart fx

  • mid-cipher saving
  • original music
  • more visual fx


captaingamer 1 year ago

Mechanics Level Design
I'm into classic novels AND mystery so maaaybe I'm a little biased - This is a great game concept! I'm by no means an expert reader so I love that this game feels like it'll introduce me to new novels too. The interface is slick and easy to understand and the puzzles were challenging without being confusing. I chose "needs work" on level design because it was unclear if there's a "gamey" aspect to quantifying a progression in puzzle difficulty or other advancements. If it's 'as is' intention then nevermind, felt good so far. Thanks for sharing

herogameco 1 year ago

Thank you so much for giving it a try and leaving feedback! I totally see your point about it lacking a certain "gamey" quality. Progressive puzzle difficulty is something I've gone back and forth on and will definitely consider further. Thanks again!

HannesOhde 1 year ago

I just really liked the Game. Thank you :)

herogameco 1 year ago

Roast Em


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