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Blast Pulser

Actually roast my game!  I didn't come here to have my ego stroked.  I came here to hear hard truths about why my game is apparently worth people's time, but not their money.Can't think of anything mean to say?  Support Pulse Blaster's continued development!  Buy it now on itch.io and name your own price! Pulse-Pounding Action! Blast through swarms of AI-driven minions and procedurally-generated bosses in this 3D top-down Twin Stick Shooter! Enemy swarms!  Smaller enemies attack, retreat and defend their territory according to their own capabilities and goals.  Pop that popcorn! Procedural bosses!  Pick them apart piece by piece, or focus your fire in an effort to Destroy the Core! 3D Sound for a 2D game!  Every zap, boom and ominous hummm is carefully positioned and modulated to help your brain keep track of the action.  Try it with headphones! Pulse-Pounding Techno!  Soundtrack by the legendarily prolific DST. Controller support!  Tested extensively with wired Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.  Includes default settings for unknown controllers.  All controls including mousey-keyboard are rebindable at runtime.

Physics Mechanics

The physics need work. Yes, I realize I listed physics as my favorite aspect. That should tell you something about the curve I use.

* When you fall off a ramp on a floating ledge, (I.E. the upper ramp sections) you snap abruptly down to where the ground level is. (I'm guessing this was the character's "natural" y position before accounting for the curved surfaces, which are just some sort of offset? Detect if they're grounded or not and lerp that shit.)

*Pressing E on the sign didn't show me a page of information. Instead, it sent me back to the title screen. If this was by design, it's a dumb idea. Nobody will ever get that. Just make a door you press up to use like everybody else.

*I noticed the enemies are pink. This gives the impression that the teams are boys VS girls. If this was not an intentional thematic choice, use two less psychologically loaded colors (splatoon) or traditionally psychologically loaded colors (Red for enemies, blue for player.) If it IS a deliberate thematic choice, DO something with it.

* If the game uses mouse aiming, the mouse should also work the menu. You can leave the keyboard menu controls in there, too, they worked very nicely, but there's no excuse for me to give up on my mouse, use the arrow keys, then discover I need to pick up my mouse again just as I was getting used to the idea that this isn't a mouse game.

*Putting aside the placeholder graphics and questionable premise, what's the theme of this game? Who is this for? I honestly can't tell. The doofy green MS-paint cyclops in your last game at least made me feel something. This is just like. What is this? Is it a Happy Wheels reference? Because you realize the whole point of Happy Wheels was the physics engine-driven gore, right?

6 years ago

The author advice very english language speaking, however download description confusing of the not having a first language english speaking very much with grammar punctuation and presentation awkward. Okay, I'll abandon the Jenglish gag. Based on the title, I half-expected this to be a clone or even a re-upload of the infamous Legend of Krystal. (Don't google it.) But it isn't. Instead, Legenda Kristal is an RPG Maker game made by a guy who can't speak english and can't afford to hire a translator. You have been warned.

6 years ago

Whoops I thought this was where you Roast how do I delete this?

6 years ago

So... add a gimmick?

6 years ago

I think I fixed the problem you were having with the first level being beatable. Please play it again if you have time and let me know:

6 years ago

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