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Legenda Kristal Version 1.1

4 years ago by gingersun

Hay guys , i am new developers indie game in here. Now i released my game updated in version 1.1. This game come with Platform PC AND ANDROID

Download game on itch.io in this link : https://gingersun.itch.io/legenda-kristal

Featured updated:

1.Resize my game with lower size in only 500 mb with additional 5 possible platform
2.Fix little bug in this previus version
3.Add new featured in game and more story

NOTE : Demo Version is use english language , and in demo version you can only get feature battle system in this game and doesnt any advanture exploration. You can playing demo version in this browser and android still can play demo version with apk download. Game with full version only available indoensian language , you can donate me 1$ to get direct link download server itch.io without ads with fast download speed and stable.

You can download the game without any ads or waiting time by supporting us join in patreon by donating 1 $. You will get direct download link without ads with fast download speed and stable. You can also get accest to download our music soundtrack. By joining our patreon, you support us for the update of the game story and the english update for this game. What are you waiting for, join our patreon by clicking the button below.

Become a Patron with this link https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=9797762

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WarpZone 4 years ago

The author advice very english language speaking, however download description confusing of the not having a first language english speaking very much with grammar punctuation and presentation awkward. Okay, I'll abandon the Jenglish gag. Based on the title, I half-expected this to be a clone or even a re-upload of the infamous Legend of Krystal. (Don't google it.) But it isn't. Instead, Legenda Kristal is an RPG Maker game made by a guy who can't speak english and can't afford to hire a translator. You have been warned.

WarpZone 4 years ago

Whoops I thought this was where you Roast how do I delete this?

chidera_24- 4 years ago