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Evil God

Evil God is Clicker/Strategy game with a unique grow mechanic based on units combos and interaction.HTML5 - No download, sry Construct 3 creates really big files I can't upload here. Please express honestly about the game, I'm here to listen to what's wrong. :)You are a god resurrected craving to gain is religion might back: Zhan.Click over the spells (images at the right) to complete them. Your followers produce faith and you also have faith per click, the more faith you have the faster the spells will be completed. When a spell is completed, you will get a reward in MIGHT which is the "money" of the game, this is the main resource.Acquire more followers with your might and combine them to pray for you with more FAITH. Not enough faith? no problem, kill your follower with a ligthning and replace him with a more devouted follower acquired at the store.You can upgrade your units and temples to keep leveling up. Your GOD level is determined by how much faith you and your followers have.Don't get overwelmed by all the things going on, is a clicker so just click and purchase more units, you get it.Awards/Achievement system (basic), statistics, autosave every 60 seconds (locally).You can play Evil God in any of the following official links, any other website may have an unauthorized and out of date copy of the game.   Official Developer's Site (No registration or anything needed, just play): Kongregate: Newgrounds: Crazygames: Play iDev:

Tutorial/Learning Curve Tutorial/Learning Curve

Well, this is a roast site and not trying to discourage you on creating games, I see you are young but first:

1. There's no need to swear, just express what you want but keep it simple, clear and kind.
2. You've learned how to program, that's a big step. Keep going.
3. This is really not a game, just a menu with options and no back story, mechanic, anything I can see related to a game.
4. Try a better engine for starting (GameMaker or Construct are really easy to learn and you already know how to code)
5. Don't mind creating graphics based on squares and circles, some great games are out like that and what matter is the mechanic, not graphics. You can improve them later.
6. If the game doesn't seem fun to you, it probably isn't. Keep that always in mind.
7. Play games and analyze them, that's how you keep improving. Creating new mechanics comes from knowledge, the more you know the better ideas you'll have.

Good work for starting, now get serious about it.

9 months ago

Hi there! Actually the relation between Faith and Religion seems generally vague, I think it needs to be reinforced and there are two branches: Religion as your maximum capacity allowed for having followers and Religion as the main theme of the game. The last is the one that gives a feeling of having no relation with the rest of the mechanic.

On the tutorial, I definitely needs a polish. I think is time tome make something more serious about it to guide the player around, I think my major mistake was to take for granted everyone knows what a clicker is plus the game uses perhaps confusing concepts for describing things trying to give a context on the "religion" theme. Something more interactive may help I guess.
I'll check the thing about the faith... that's weird. There may be a bug I haven't found. And I'll take your advice on the info about units, didn't think on that before because I'm trying to keep it one click-working for mobiles but optimization has been quiet complicated.

Thanks a lot for the comments, are well appreciated.

9 months ago

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