Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust is a casual strategy adult game loosely inspired by the original Tentacle Locker by Hotpinkgames from 2018. We're a huge fan of tentacles stuff in NSFW/adult games, media, and art, as well as Lovecraftian horror as a whole.   Moving forward, we plan to make Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust a fleshed-out game from the ground up. This includes a compelling gameplay loop that has long-term replayability, an immersive storyline, and really naughty NSFW tentacle scenes!  


MrGreat 2 weeks ago

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Devs aint gettin a good hairline

Duffabird 2 weeks ago

UI Graphics Game Graphics
It feels a bit slow. I'm not sure I understood what you were doing or the goals of it? Why were you looking through lockers? What does the pink mean? Why can you only grab girls when there's lots of pink? Can you make more pink? Are you supposed to fill all the lockers? What do you get when you fill one? The graphics look really professional but they're very blurry. I'm not sure if that's the video or something else but I'd consider fixing those if possible. I love the idea and your future plans :D.

lovecraft 1 week ago

Thanks for the feedback! The pink means it's an indicator that you infected the locker. You can only abduct girls on the infected lockers, those lockers with pink. Yes you can make more pink and there are various kind of abilities you can put on the locker. Thank you! The game is still on the development hope you support us!

Galmax 2 weeks ago

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Look i cant think of a roast but otherwise i pretty much cant do anything on this website. And now I'm sad.
Roast Em


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