As you can see this is improvised version of chrome dino. I try to make it a bit diffrenet. please share you views, !!!Nervos!!!

First version.

Alot more things in development.


benjamin 1 year ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
My best score is 636 after a 10 minute session
The game was pretty addictive and I think the jump and double jump calibration is good.
I love the 0 life counter :)

TripleA 1 year ago

Animation Story/Writing/Dialogue
At first I liked your game, nice work. But I didn't like the game when it goes upside down, and while I playing i couldn't pause or exit from the game.

Wardens 1 year ago

Physics Controls
The pixel-music is catchy, I got quite surprised in the beginning when you just throw me right into the gameplay, made me a bit surprised but in a good way haha (even though I didn't get the opportunity to read the instructions, but those are quite basic and easy to figure out). Nice dodge-feature, the tempo is fast and more difficult than the original Chrome Run. Quite frustrating that you can't pause during gameplay. I didn't notice the coins at first, it was more like an accidental finding there heh. It's interesting that if you click with the mouse on the left-side of the screen, the dino dodges, but if you click on the right-side of the screen, the dino jumps...? A bit confusing. I like the double-jump, makes the gameplay more interesting! Would have been nice if there was any kind of dash-ability or so? Like if I press the arrow-key to the right, the dino will increase the speed.

TaylorMcC 1 year ago

Animation Story/Writing/Dialogue
Got to admit I got hooked quickly, like the style. But not being able to pause is a big limitation (especially when your meant to be working :0) a lot of fun though.

Tkprobix 8 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
Its needs more powerups, but overall pretty addictive

future-games 6 months ago

Please try my game Spike Run it’s a lot like this
Roast Em


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