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Survival City

Survival City is a roguelike survival-strategy game where the player tries to lead a group of survivors towards the edge of the city. Survivors are randomly generated with two out of 75 different gameplay traits and one of 9 different personalities. Locations are searched for supplies but will sometimes have zombies. Events also randomly occur with choices with risks or rewards for the survivors.An ingame guide is provided detailing most of the gameplay mechanics. However, it should be noted that in order to fight zombies, a weapon needs to be equipped on a survivor. Otherwise, the only option is to run away (performed by pressing the left and right arrow keys repeatedly). Other than that, the game is about managing Health, Sanity, Hunger and Thirst for the survivors while they explore the city.The current game features no music and limited sound effects. I hope to launch a Kickstarter to both hire a composer, as well as an artist to replace my artwork to something more professional looking. Until then, most game mechanics should be functioning and playable.Download for Windows (a1.02)

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Let me start by something I write this as someone with minimal experience in the Clicker genre. The initial tutorial was a little overwhelming at first but I understood what a Clicker is shortly after. The UI is concise and the ability to get quick tips on what things were was appreciated. The pixels graphics worked and I felt they all had a cohesive feel, from the environments to the units. The song also wasn't too monotonous which is something I'd imagine would be necessary for Clickers! I played for about 45 minutes and definitely had a desire to keep clicking and upgrading so that I could unlock more content. Also watching for powerups added for a little extra fun.

Here are some things that I might improve on:
-There were a few minor spelling errors
-I wish the relation between Faith and Religion was better explained. I liked that you could review the tutorial, but I still didn't see how Religion worked
-Sometimes my Faith would be higher than the objective requirement and I wouldn't level up. I don't think this was during bonus Faith time but I could be mistaken
-I wish there was an easier way to get info about units and buildings. Having to left-click on the unit, then the info button, then close out the info pane... felt a little clunky. Maybe right-clicking to bring up info?

Overall, it was a fun little game and being able to play in a browser is convenient too!

1 year ago

Thanks for clearing some of that up. I wouldn't worry too much about people not being familiar with clicker games. I think most people would figure it out without too much hand holding. Also your info window description makes sense when working with mobile. I hadn't thought of that angle!

1 year ago

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