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Consider this game as "Early access": it's playable, but far from finished and your feedback will be crucial to guide the rest of the development.Description:Westward is a collaborative browser-based MMORPG where the players have to build a nation. “The story of the creation and defense of communities, the mastery of the land, the development of an economy, and the formation of a nation.” (Quoted from Wikipedia about a certain epoch of US history). Starting from nothing, the players need to collaborate and organize themselves to improve their lot, continuously expanding westward in order to grow and conquering an hostile civilization in the process. This requires building complementary buildings, harvesting resources, setting up an economy, exploring the land, defending from invasions and securing new land through military conquest. In every single one of these endeavors, the players have the central roles.The geography, the location of resources, and the dangers posed by the wildlife and the enemy civilization set the stage while leaving the players in charge of deciding what goals to pursue and how to overcome the challenges they face.

Mechanics UI Graphics

The idea is cool and the underlying mechanics seem to have depth. In addition, the "vibe" is original is a nice change from usual medieval dwarves & elves stuff.

The main issue is the overall aesthetics of the website. It's not attractive enough yet. I would have 2 main suggestions:
* It would feel more dynamic as a single-page app, instead of a website with multiple pages.
* The pages are long and filled with a lot of content, tables, etc., which is prohibitive at first. This info should be available through buttons that allow to selectively display what info you want, so as not to blast new players with info while leaving it at arm's length for more advanced players. I understand that all this info contributes to the depth of the game, but it should be presented incrementally following the learning curve of the players.

3 weeks ago

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