Ork Manager: Coal & Top hats


There's no offside here, no rucks, no nets… Just maces and broken bones, blades and rivers of blood, pointy spikes and fractured skulls. And tentacles. There's victory and there’s defeat. There's glory and there’s shame. There are squatters, and mines, and forges, and markets. There are Teams, and sedition, and Chiefs, and schemes, and Lords. There is YOU.

This is a webgame, so you'll be able to play it from any browser (best on desktop or tablet, follow this link).

This is a slow paced game, you'll have to login more or less once every 3.5 days. It's not something you can binge‑play, and it's definitely not something that requires you to setup alarm clocks or to react promptly to events.

What we have so far:

  • Creating Teams and Brawlers
  • Diamond‑shaped Conference
  • Brawler and Egg Auctions
  • Fungible currency Market
  • Performing riguals to create higher level Brawlers/Eggs
  • Brawler loans

What we'll develop with the crowdfunding:

  • Miners extracting Resources from Mines
  • Designing and Forging custom Weapons and Armours, using Resources
  • Turning Supporters into Squatters, and fighting for the control of Arenas
  • Electing a Mayor, voting for laws, earning taxes
  • Coats of Arms, maps
  • Trading Resources on the Fungible Market


Adrox 4 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Just tried and the starting process is not very easy...
You need a e-mail to sign in, I'm not sure if I want to give my e-mail to another website without trying the game...

Then you need to follow a "Guide" with 2 or 3 pages, to do 2 or 3 things that should be automatic when you join the game: Create a team name, create your Orcs and join a division. All of this should be automatic at the beggining...

Then right away I'm directed to a page that says "buy gold", and says the only thing you have to do is insert your e-mail... Except its a playpal form to pay 3€...
Seems like a money grab to me!

Lohoris 4 years ago

Thank you for trying it!

Yeah, making the game simpler is one of our goals, we are aware that it seems too complicated at the beginning, and that's unfortunate since it's not really complicated, it just looks like it is (i.e. we should explain some things a little better, and we should automate more steps).

The screen asking you for money is there only if you try to sign in as Pro, but there also is a Free Trial, and I believe you eventually found it. I could make this a bit clearer, I didn't notice it was confusing, thank you!

The email is unfortunately necessary for now: it's a long‑turn game, so it needs to remind you when you are supposed to make your move. Obviously you can turn off those notifications, but most people prefer to receive them (otherwise they'll forget to set their tactics and lose the match). In future I've planned to introduce alternative ways to notify you, such as discord or telegram bots, or in‑browser notifications.

Please let me know if you have any doubt, and may your weapons be sharper than your opponents'. Yes, even the blunt ones. Especially the blunt ones.

Jerome 4 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
The idea is cool and the underlying mechanics seem to have depth. In addition, the "vibe" is original is a nice change from usual medieval dwarves & elves stuff.

The main issue is the overall aesthetics of the website. It's not attractive enough yet. I would have 2 main suggestions:
* It would feel more dynamic as a single-page app, instead of a website with multiple pages.
* The pages are long and filled with a lot of content, tables, etc., which is prohibitive at first. This info should be available through buttons that allow to selectively display what info you want, so as not to blast new players with info while leaving it at arm's length for more advanced players. I understand that all this info contributes to the depth of the game, but it should be presented incrementally following the learning curve of the players.

Lohoris 4 years ago

Thanks for the compliment!

And thank you very much for your suggestion: the second especially is excellent, and since we are working on a better layout, this will certainly help!

Hope you managed to have a good time anyway, and feel free to contact me if you need tips… or check back later for progress :D
Roast Em


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