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War Clicks

KEY FEATURES  -> You're managing the army- You are starting as a manager of the Boot Camp- Produce army units and don't forget to hire Trainers / Investors as there is no way you can do everything on your own- Your managerial decisions boost your Boot Camp powers- Reach for Renown titles while becoming an experienced soldier- Once you've built enough army units you can Deploy them to War Zone-> Test your pre-built powers on the battlefield- Test different strategies while attacking the enemies- Fight invasions, fight single mode or fight together with your countrymen for common country goals-> Compete with other soldiers around the globe-> Strategy matters- Choose when you might want to sacrifice your progress to gain huge long-lasting boosts that snowball your power- Various mini-games and tasks you can complete to become stronger- There is no limit when it comes to how powerful you can become! -> Social elements for more fun- in-game chat-> Idle Clicker Mechanics- Trainers are working also while you are offline Playable on: -War Clicks Official Site-Kongregate-ArmorGames

Controls Game Graphics

Simple game where you can easily spend hours on! Simple & fun controls, addicting levels, there is really something indescribable that is pushing you further to keep playing. But, there is a lot that could be improved with the graphics, the car, the road and the background are just average and does not add something to the game.

11 months ago

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