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MindiBit - Dehla Pakad, MindiKot

Mindi is also known as MindiKot, Mendi Offline, Mendikot, Mendhi Coat, Mendhi. In North India it is known as Dehla Pakad.Mindi(Dehla Pakad) is one of the favorite game in the India. It has special rules but it is not hard to understand. Here is everything about Mindi(Dehla Pakad).★★★★ Mindi(Dehla Pakad)Features ★★★★✔ Two game modes- Hide Mode & Katte Mode✔ Play as Guest or with Facebook✔ Rules of the game explained in great detail in the ‘tutorial’ section.✔ Excellent graphics, optimized to run on all devicesHow to play Mindi(Dehla Pakad)?Deck:- For 1 deck : It has 52 cards in deck. all card except Joker are used to play game- For 2 deck : It has 52 cards in deck. Card having rank greater than 9 are used to play game and only single set of 8 rank cards is used to form 2 deck mode. It has total no of 2 card with same suite and same rank.

Kali Ni Tidi-Spades Card Game

Kali ni tidi is famous game in India. Its also know as 3 of spade. Each card game have their own fun becuase of their own rules and winning streategy. Kali ni tidi also know as Kali ni teedi, tigi and much more.You can play this offline game with computer robots and improve your skils.Spades game originated in the US around the 1930s. A trick taking type of game. It has an alternative name called “Call Bridge” in many regions around the world. In India Spades game is known as “Kali ni tidi” or “Kaali teeri” or “Kaali ki teeggi”.This card game is very much popular in the various card games out there and has uniqueness because of its partner revealing part. Which is the thrilling one during the game.

235bit - Do Teen Paanch Game

235bit is also known as 235, 325, and 532 card games. 2 3 5 or 3 2 5 or 5 3 2 card games can be played by three players. Similarly, It can be played by two players as well.235 is a strategic trick-based card game played by three/two players with a deck of 30 playing cards.We hope you enjoy the game with our very complex artificial intelligence. Bored sitting at home or on the subway? No problem, launch 2 3 5 Bit (do teen panch) and rack your brains and win!

28 Card game - (Twenty Eight)

28 is a trick-taking card game that originated in India. It Is believed that the game originated in Lakhisarai, Bihar. Also, this game is very popular in south India. In Kerala, this game is known as “Irupathiyettu” or “Thuruppu”.29-Card-game is a variation game popular in North India and also popular in Bangladesh. Both games are very much related to game 304, Which is popular in Sri Lanka and Nepal.This “28” card game mainly includes Jack, 9, Ace, 10, King, Queen, 8, and 7 cards to play a round.Jack Card = 3 points9 Card = 2 pointsAce & 10 Card = 1 pointsKing, Queen, 8, 7 & other cards = 0 points

Kachuful - Judgment Card Game

“KachuFul” is a popular card game originated in India. KachuFul is a variation game of “Oh Hell” also known as “Judgement” and “Forecasting” in English speaking countries around the world.KachuFul name is itself a short form of Kaari, Chukat, Fulli, and Laal in gujarati.This game is played as per rounds. Every round has different cards with different trump suits from Heart, Spades, Diamonds and clubs. 4 players can play this game with 13 rounds compulsory to complete the game.

RummyBit - Indian card game

RummyBit(Rummy) is one of the most exciting Indian card games. You need to arrange the cards in your hand into sequences and sets.It is also known as Indian Rummy card games OR Rummy card games. RummyBit card games can be played with 2/3/4 players.When you play the Indian Rummy card game, you can hear words like Deck, Sequence, Set, Wild Joker, Printed Joker, Pure Sequence, and impure Sequence in the game. Let's see its meaning.Hope you enjoy the game with our very complex artificial intelligence.Download RummyBit this free app and start playing the game instantly.

TonkBit - Indian Card Game

TonkBit is a card game based on Tonk/Tunk card game. It is also played as a knock rummy game.A deck with 52 cards is used to play one round of the game. A deck does not have Joker in it. So from Ace to king, four different types of suits are used to play the game.Aim of the game- The object of the game is to dispose of all the cards in your hand. There are three ways to get rid of cards: Spreading(melding), Hitting(laying off), and Rejecting.Download the latest version TonkBit (Indian Card Game) for Free...

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