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The Hippodrome is a online Horse Racing sports manager game where you take control of a Horse Racing team. It's a free game with 8-bit look and feel with real-time 2D races. Pick your race Tactics See the live Race View the Race results and Win money and Prestige Hire a trainer Train / Upgrade Keep going until the World Championship!

Game Graphics Mechanics

Still in a very base state. Needs a lot of working on my opinion!

Specially identifying what the power-ups do?

8 months ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Just tried and the starting process is not very easy...
You need a e-mail to sign in, I'm not sure if I want to give my e-mail to another website without trying the game...

Then you need to follow a "Guide" with 2 or 3 pages, to do 2 or 3 things that should be automatic when you join the game: Create a team name, create your Orcs and join a division. All of this should be automatic at the beggining...

Then right away I'm directed to a page that says "buy gold", and says the only thing you have to do is insert your e-mail... Except its a playpal form to pay 3€...
Seems like a money grab to me!

8 months ago

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