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Swing Skills

Hi everyone,  Swing Skills is a FREE rope swinging game for iOS/Android.I've been working on it for the last 3 years, and its my first attempt at an indie game, so I'd love it if you guys could give it a roasting and let me know what needs fixing/what you love/hate about it!StoryOne night, as you sleep in the jungle, you awaken to see the nefarious Swingorms kidnapping your friends into their evil prison machine!  Swing your rope through unique levels, smash through Blocks and collect Coins to save your pals from the angry Swingorms' clutches. Can you find your way through the Hiker's mountains?  Can you return the Businessman's Sports Car?  Can you uncover the secret of the Strange Cubes? Find out in Swing Skills!   Features  Dozens of cute and quirky characters - play as a toucan, a tiger, and a toothbrush Unlock cool costumes - try the Orca suit for the Penguin, the Frog suit for the Monkey, or the Sprinkles for the Ice Cream Cone Discover the secret of the Strange Cubes Each level is hand-crafted, not just randomly generated Collect secret trophies like the Floppy Disk and the Golden Banana  Dodge the evil Swingorms' Spike Drops and Lethal Lasers Innovative control scheme - tap anywhere on screen and your character will throw a rope towards it How To Play  Tap the screen wherever you want to throw a rope. You character will swing towards that spot - try to time your taps so they stay in the air and dodge the obstacles. Keep going!Release Swing Skills is OUT NOW! Follow @SwingSkillsGame on twitter or visit Me If you have any feedback, please post replies in this thread or send a tweet to my personal twitter @tamerobots, or use my contact form at     Thanks for your help!