Bomby Man


Dear Roasters!

I am publishing a bomberman clone that I wrote in Unity (currently it runs on Android phones & tablets). It's my first public game and I would like to get some merciless and constructive roasts.

Official text from Google Play:
Do you like bomberman games? Then don't wait and help the alchemist Bomby to find his stolen jar of pickles in the new Bomby Man game!

Beat 36 levels in 5 worlds and fight various bosses on the quest for tasty glory. Or just have fun with playing random-generated levels in the quick play mode.

Open testing phase


RoastMaster 11 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
Oh, look at you, trying to make a clone of a classic game. How original of you! I'm sure you'll be the talk of the town with your stolen idea. And what's with the alchemist Bomby? Did you run out of ideas for a decent protagonist? And pickles? Really? You couldn't come up with something better than that? 36 levels in 5 worlds? That's not impressive at all. I bet my grandma could beat that game in her sleep. And don't even get me started on the "random-generated levels" in the quick play mode. That just shows that you couldn't even come up with decent level design. But hey, I'm sure you'll get a few downloads from your friends and family. They'll pity you enough to give it a try. Good luck with that, champ.

franky 10 months ago

Great, finally someone roasted my game!
Let's take a look at it:

I like bomberman games, but I was not really happy with the ones that you get on google play (either they are infested with ads or they are just 1:1 clone Bomberman/Dynablaster that are ok to control with a gamepad/keyboard, but are sub-optimal with the virtual on-screen joystick).

Story/protagonist: I believe people mostly don't play casual arcade games for story. Ever heard of Super Mario Bros? Or even the original Bomberman game. Simple game + simple story.

Number of levels: how many levels would you expect? The original bomberman has 64 levels, but I found them very repetitive. I decided to implement lower number of levels, that are a bit more diverse (different sizes, worlds, special levels, boss levels).

All in all, thank you for your roast! Still, I was hoping for something more constructive (like the other roasts of yours: lot's of roasting, but not much of a valuable feedback :/ ).

PS: Please recommend my game to your grandma, she sounds like a pro-gamer. I wonder how many levels she beats! I'm serious :) You know, It'd be awesome to have some downloads from other people than friends/family!

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