XRF First Contact


You find yourself in the Xenobiotic Retainment Facility, just outside the containment rooms for XRF - 113 & XRF - 114. These paranormal objects just might help you escape this creepy facility!

WASD to move

Mouse to look
E to interact

While watching Markiplier play the old school SCP containment breach game, we got inspired to create our own SCP style game. We quickly developed a couple of SCP style documents. After that, we decided to create the containment rooms for those objects. The idea is that IF we could pull off making a couple of containment rooms then theoretically it shouldn't be too hard to keep going, containment room by containment room, and then build a random level generator to stitch all the rooms together. This quick game demo is our ability to conquer the first two rooms and see how a project like this would tend to flesh out for future development.

Let us know if you enjoyed the experience and atmosphere. If you feel like this is something you'd like to see more of in the future, go ahead and support us by purchasing the downloadable version. Also let us know of any bugs, issues, or opinions in the comments!

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HARDGames 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics Level Design
+ I could not select Atmosphere / Sound as favorite aspect but you get it this way.
+ Controls and Physics are good to go.
+ Graphics are really good - but there are not so many.
- There are just a few rooms but one gets easily confused because the walls, ceiling and floor tiles are all the same. Also you should add something around your doors. That was also one of the tips of John Romero (Doom Developer) to put a frame between each 2 different materials.
- It is a rather short game. Too short to really get into it. If you already got it so far, you can easily add some more levels and puzzles to solve.
- Thats also the main point: Level Design. It did not feel like I accomplished anything during this game. As a player you cannot get better in playing. Because of there is so little to solve, there is also no feeling of success or getting a reward. This is, what should keep a player playing a game.

Could become a good mystery / horror - adventure. Please continue it. :)
And also please check out my game as well. :)
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