World War Online


A multiplayer, online game of war strategy where you play for your country & raise an army, work with allies to create squads and engage in online wars with thousands of players from other nations.


- Upgrade your headquarters, train your army & conquer world capitals to jump higher on the leaderboard

- Level up your military rank to multiply your army and resources

- Complete growth missions & gain XP to unlock more units

- Join Squads with players from your country & have a World War with players from other nations

- Plan battle strategies in the online war simulator

- End of season (3 months) in-game rewards for leaderboard champions

How To Get Started:

1. Upgrade your HQ, train your army & fight in championships with opponent countries

2. Complete missions & collect XP to unlock new units in this RTS experience

3. Build communities with players from your country and battle other nations in the Capital Warfare


- New UI:
- New home screen with button to defend your base;
- Overall visual changes to the bottom bar;
- Army menu is now accessible through the home screen;
- Community chats are now accessible through the bottom bar;
- New Notifications System;
- New loading mechanism doesnt lock some screens.


JoeJoeh 1 month ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
I think this game belongs to IOS.

WWO_Chilltime 1 month ago

The game can be played mainly in a browser (on Windows or Linux). However, the "World War Online" App is also available (on the App Store and Google Play), which is currently being updated. Thank you for the feedback.
Roast Em


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