Wolfiecraft, a RPG with randomly generated maps and multiple ways to get to your goal. The choices are in your hand in this sandbox.

This game is hosted on itch.io at crediblesteve.itch.io/wolfiecraft

Note that you do NOT need an account and you do NOT need to pay to play this game. This game is free at the moment.

Current Version (Alpha)
v1.7: Game can be enjoyed or hated for hours

Mobs: Bat, Wraith, Poison Bat, Mimic

Bosses: Giant Bat, Shadow Emperor

UI Features: Inventory, Shop, Coin Bank, Level System, Mob Hunting Milestones, Cooking System, Fishing System, Crafting System

Game Features: Expanding randomly generated map, chests to loot, grass destruction for hearts, upgradable healing totem,  spells, upgradable stats, spawn point setting, resource gathering, ranged attacks

Do note that this game is not a finished product. Gameplay may change and old save files may not be compatible with new ones (no problems as of yet). You have been warned.
This game may fall under the category of games with violent elements.

You will need both the .exe and .pck files to run the game.

If you are updating, you only need to replace the .pck file.

Game may not always be free, so please take this into consideration.

Special thanks to Heartbeast's MIT licensed resources on Github
Thanks to Gonkee for MIT licensed  water shader effects.
Thanks to SoundBible for providing sound effects for the public domain. Thanks to PartnersInRhyme for providing royalty free background music.

v1.8 :
    New Item : Mysterious Charm
    New Craftables : Item Protection Charm, Wooden Plaque, SP Potion
    New Fish : Goldfish
    New Map Item : Shrine Runestone
    New Feature : Soul Power
    UI Changes : Respawn now shows death message, there is now a death animation for player
    Bug Fixes : Barrier burst now does proper damage depending on player level



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