The Explorers Land


The Explorers Land has a Magical Survival experience (Literally magical), set in Medieval times, the game has lots of lands to explore you can run around, you can collect stuff and you can build, more features will be added on but those are some of the main features. Right now the game is in its alpha stage, we are still building the game's core mechanics so in the alpha stage you can't do much.

--- Added --- Shop 3D Models Shop Keeper (With Animations) Sword Buy and Sell System Gold Currency System Health, Stamina, Hunger, and thirst bars (Press s, f, h, t to change the values of the bars)   --- Controls --- WASD - Move Space - Jump Ctrl - Crouch Shift - Sprint E - Interact Esc - Exit Menus

Building, quests, a whole village, skin changing, armor, enemies, npcs, and more


Muhil 2 months ago

This is an excellent game to play.

LSH-Games-Studio 2 months ago

It would be very interesting to try this game. I think the idea is very interesting.

BleepBloop 2 months ago

Game Graphics Physics
very well made game, well done buddy

LIMESTONE_CORP 2 months ago

Controls Physics
Worst game vpworst worst idiot saala we are indians
Roast Em