Starcaster is a challenging arcade style side-scroller. Defeat enemies, level up, and unlock new spells. Traverse through ten worlds and survive deadly enemies and challenging terrain. Acquire upgrades after each run to go farther in subsequent tries. Even with full upgrades, completing all ten worlds in one run is no easy task!


  • Completely original art and music
  • Over fifty enemies
  • Randomly generated terrain and enemies
  • Ten worlds and fifty levels
  • Eight spells
  • Many permanent character and spell upgrades
  • Personal stats and highscores

Multiplayer, bosses, additional language support, PvP duels.


buckriderstudio 1 year ago

Mechanics Level Design
I roast this based on the video and screenshots. I think a game like this does not benefit from the randomly generated terrain I would at least add some hand made chunks in it or extend the generator with more interesting terrains. A platformer just needs those gaps and platforms in just the right spots. With some precise jumping the game gets even more difficult with all those enemies flying around.

I like the individual art peaces but they do not fit well together. It's a mix of regular art and pixel art and even the pixel art is of different pixel sizes. Go with one style and pick that for the GUI as well. Even with programmer art it's possible to make a good looking game as long as the style is consistent and the colors picked well.

Does it have a story or just 10 levels? The game screams for a story line, whats the wizard doing there and where is he going to? How did all those creatures came to be? It can just be short and I always have a weakness for some comedy and parody on other games. I feel just the 10 levels are not going to cut.

One extra tip for steam releases is to add cards and achievements, there are people hunting all cards and achievements and it will probably get you additional downloads and revenue from the cards.
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