Peregrine - Hack & Slash RPG Soulslike Game


Peregrine is a Third Person, Action RPG, Hack and Slash, Fantasy game.

Story: After escaping from an inevitable death you have been chosen to wield the Desolation Blade. While wielding it you can bring justice to those who brought death and destruction to earth and enslaved mankind. Using the most powerful weapon that a mortal can wield you'll purge every enemy until one of the Dominators Kings is destroyed. Gameplay: You travel between lands looking to destroy Abbadon, the Cursed King. Purging enemies gives you souls that enhance abilities. You can also collect new abilities that increase Desolation Blade’s damage while it bursts into flames. Collect powers to protect yourself from damage while in combat. Dodge attacks or use the Blessed Shield to block and retaliate against enemies.

Captivating Game:
  • Power up your abilities defeating enemies to get souls and upgrade your abilities;
  • Solve puzzles, find secrets as you travel the untamed lands;
  • Skillful enemies, you have to be careful from and time your attacks and dodges;
  • NonLinear combats that keep you engaged for hours;
  • Discover trivia in each level, combat enemies, power up and travel between lands;
  • Awesome Playlist to keep your adrenaline pumping;


neontek 1 year ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Great game. game graphics and level design very good.good luck

ChristyNich 1 year ago

Great graphics, nice game! All in all its nice. Keep it up
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