Minus 10


Defeat your opponent by getting their number down to 0 and keeping yours above it using basic math!

*Most of the pictures are slighly outdated as the number of turns in a round is 30 now. I am unable to change the pictures unfortunately.* 


PuffyGlucose 5 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics
I didn't even look at the tutorial but still immediately got what I needed to do. I feel there is a way to get better and better at this game, so you always have something to work towards. The graphics are very basic, and could use a little more going on, but the simpleness does fit the game. I think it's a very cool game!

Gamemaker123 5 months ago

UI Graphics UI Graphics
this game is the best game ive seen on this platform so far if i could i would give it 100 Stars
Roast Em

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