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Magic Cooking Kingdom is an idle simulation game set in a cute anime world. The goal of this simulator is to grow a restaurant business in the kingdom and serve anime heroes to keep them full and ready to take on various quests.

Open restaurants with different cuisine and update your menu to serve more new customers. Become the kingdom’s ultimate restaurant manager!

Live on Google Play

Available to download in Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong


xobygod 11 months ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
sucks this game truly sucks would never ever want to play this again.

shokh 10 months ago

Of course you wouldn't want to play again, since you didn't play it at all as the app hasn't been launched yet...duh

devbobcz 10 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I play it 15mins. I looks nice. Game guide you in how to play. In core i dont like this type of games, but i think its not bad game. I like auto colecting mechanizm (i don like still take some coins). I think game is little bit overloaded of ux controls (too much options). Maybe you can add some chalenges. Because i still grow UP . I need some obstructions :). disaster?
I dont now, what is purpose of game. Have a food imperium ?

shokh 9 months ago

Yeah, so basically grow your business, open new restaurants and develop them, unlock new customers and meals. So basically it goes on with the addition of more content. Its true that the options are kinda a lot, will look into it!
That is a good idea about challenges, let me think about it.
Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it!
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