Lineage or Legacy


Lineage or Legacy is an adult-themed visual and erotic Novel about a child of rich parents the story was developed by BitingTheBullet.

In the novel Lineage or Legacy, you take on the role of a spoilt wealthy child who, due in part to his mother’s excessive love and his father’s negligence, lived a carefree life for most of his childhood. Your father wants to pass along the family business to you now that you are older, but he is hesitant due to your current state of illness. His tolerance wears thin with time due to the choices you’ve made and your reluctance to break your negative habits.   You’re sick of fighting with your father and getting into more physical fights, so you decide to flee your house and try your luck at LewSerr University. You hope to earn a higher degree and the freedom to live your life as you see fit. But when you go through a life-altering event that radically transforms your physical and mental makeup, everything changes.   Leaving your comfortable existence behind, you’ll encounter obstacles that will mold you into the person you want to be. You’ll also develop relationships with the cast and learn about their opinions of you and your choices.

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