Give Me Bread!


Give Me Bread is the first skill-based bread-eating game. How many slices can you eat?


PresidentZagan 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Hi there! Your game is very fun to play. I picked "game graphics" not because the graphics need work perse, but rather as the game progressed the flashing background gets really intense. I don't suffer from epilepsy so it doesn't affect me too much, but it might cause a problem for other people. Try to tone down on the flashing lights. I know it's used to give a sense of tension because the sandwich is moving really fast, but there might be another way to approach this that's less distracting.

Aside from this, I like the overall mechanics of the game. Perhaps the bread starts a little too far down to me. When I first played I thought it was me eating whole sandwiches, but now I understand that it's just a very long sandwich. So maybe start it just high enough to start eating it right away. This will help the player :)

TheRival 2 years ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
I chose the graphics... they don't suck, but same reason as the other guy... but in my case it is a problem cause I'm visualy impaired and the flashing hurts my eyes if I play to much and gives me a bit of a migrane cause my eyes are under stress... Hope I said that the right way... but a fun game non the less :D
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