Gap it Bit 2.5d


Gap it Bit 2.5d is the second version of the voxel infinite runner.

In this fast paced runner, you control Bit as you jump breaks, compress under depleted objects, compile coins, and develop upgrades.

v1.12 - Added new obstacle - New User Interface - Texture performance optimizations - 3d Mesh Optimizations - Add particles to Chip collection - Doubled rewards for watching ads - Changes to Jump Physics - Fixed options menu to save settings between plays - Half reward from Chips - Add particle tail to Bit - Changed Share buttons to social media icons - Enabled Analytics


opcon 4 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I like the gameplay, as far as runners go this is an interesting take on the genre. One thing I noticed is that sometimes the on-screen buttons don't seem to register my taps? I also wasn't sure about the art style, but it looks much better in motion than it does in screenshots.

I have a few suggestions:
Add a coin counter in game, so the player can see how many coins they have earnt from their run
Add a previous progress marker, that shows in game the furthest they have gotten up to (like a vertical line or something). This would give players a sense of accomplishment when they pass that line.
Also some form of very quick tutorial/introduction would be useful


TheRichCourt 3 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
I liked this game, although it's a little hard for me! The mechanics are well polished - it does exactly what I think it's going to do all the time, so well done on that. However there is one exception to that - I noticed that when I had one finger on one of the buttons, it didn't recognise that I pressed the other one. In a game where speed and accuracy are paramount, I think it would be a really goo idea to fix that.

It was a little annoying that when it opened in landscape it was the other way round to most games - perhaps having it open to be played rotated in either direction would be good. Admittedly I did get over that pretty quickly though lol.

It did take me quite a few goes to work out what I had to do, but I think that's fine - It's the nature of the game that as soon as you fail you get to try again, so I never felt like I'd lost anything by not knowing what to do, and after about 3-4 deaths I finally realised I needed to use the compress button to land faster.

My final suggestion would be to overhaul the UI. The start screen in this game really doesn't look all that great, and I think it doesn't do the rest of the game credit.

I liked the game overall though, so thanks for sharing! I'll be keeping it installed and look forward to future updates :)

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