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Turnt Ninja

An open source beat-fighting-ninja-like-get-turnt rhythm game inspired by the wonderful Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh.Generates levels from YOUR music.Runs on Windows, OSX and Linux, with some restrictions:OSX and Linux both require the Mono runtime to be installed (http://www.mono-project.com/), so I don't reccomend trying it on those platforms unless you are familiar with Mono. In the future a packaged version will be available. Linux only supports reading .wav and .flac files due to patents Epilipsey Warning: This game contains occasional flashing colours, which may cause epilipsey in certain people.

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I like the gameplay, as far as runners go this is an interesting take on the genre. One thing I noticed is that sometimes the on-screen buttons don't seem to register my taps? I also wasn't sure about the art style, but it looks much better in motion than it does in screenshots.

I have a few suggestions:
Add a coin counter in game, so the player can see how many coins they have earnt from their run
Add a previous progress marker, that shows in game the furthest they have gotten up to (like a vertical line or something). This would give players a sense of accomplishment when they pass that line.
Also some form of very quick tutorial/introduction would be useful


3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback :)

The user interface and GUI definitely needs some work.
I will consider adding snapping, it might be taking too much control away from the player though.
When you say 'Clone of Super Hexagon', is that just a change in wording, or do you feel there's not enough to differentiate it from Super Hexagon?
And yeah, names are hard.

Thanks again for playing!

2 years ago

Turnt Ninja