Fuck You!


As a lone, fragile shooter stand against hordes of bizzare enemies. You stand no chance against them, do you?

WARNING: The game contains massive ammount of flashing images which may cause seizures. Play at your own risk.

Ported it to Android.


lubesi 6 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Love the idea, the whole game being one big "f**k you" to player and game over screen made me laugh, a probably only reason why I kept playing. That being said I didn't even get past stage 1 and also could not figure out what are those little "f**ks" I kept shooting. I probably missed a big portion of the game but I got frustrated so much I just couldn't continue anymore, so personally, I would definitely adjust learning curve.

DyingSilence 6 years ago

Thank you for trying it!
I think there's no need of explanation of the plot, everything is contained in the behaviour - you die, and you learn from your mistake. This is my very early game, and those were specifically designed to frustrate people. I myself were a type of guy that liked frustrating games because overcoming them felt so good. Overally, mastering the teleport is key to stand a chance against this game. There was also a cheat code, but i don't remember it. I remember though, that middle mouse button takes you to the last stage, and there B takes you to the last boss.

FlavienM 6 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game make me laugh, I think is the most original gameover screen I seen !
When I play the game the first time I immediately close the game because the music was to loud..
On my second try I don't use the left mouse button. I was thinking it will restart the game, so I only dodge the first enemy for 2 minutes maybe more, before I understand I can shoot it.
I go through the the wave 5 I think.
You should improve the tutorial, and reduce the difficulty (reduce the life of the enemy !) and add more power up !
And your cheat code don't work for me ^^

DyingSilence 6 years ago

That's great you've had a laugh, That's the point :)
I think the tutorial is quite good, the game is supposed to kick you in the teeth at first, and you still figured things out which shows that it's working.
Enemies may be tanky at times, but that compensates for how easy to dodge their patterns are, i think it's fair.
More power ups are an excellent idea, but i can't really think of anything outside of multishots or familiars.

Yeah, the cheatcode seems to be broken as for now :D

Thanks for trying it out!

xultra 6 years ago

Controls Mechanics
Bullet hells are shitty and overdone, and no amount of MS Paint assets will fix that for you.

DyingSilence 6 years ago

What isn't shitty then? :D

SilentKiller 6 years ago

More like fuck this, this game doesn't have a link so non pc or androids cant even play it

DyingSilence 6 years ago

It's exported specifically for Android and PC, not every game has to be for every platform.
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