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Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig is a tiny platformer in low resolution. Youhave to use your grapnel to pass through each level.It was made for the #LOWERZJAM and I'm looking for feedback, because why not dev more the game ? ! :)

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve

The game make me laugh, I think is the most original gameover screen I seen !
When I play the game the first time I immediately close the game because the music was to loud..
On my second try I don't use the left mouse button. I was thinking it will restart the game, so I only dodge the first enemy for 2 minutes maybe more, before I understand I can shoot it.
I go through the the wave 5 I think.
You should improve the tutorial, and reduce the difficulty (reduce the life of the enemy !) and add more power up !
And your cheat code don't work for me ^^

3 years ago

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