Set on a dying alien world, Exocraft places you in command of your very own space mining fleet. Design custom spaceships, manage your crew members and wield the elemental powers of your army of worker drones to defeat the ancient guardians that litter the landscape. Engage in action-packed battles and use your strategy (and a bit of luck) to conquer the richest resource deposits throughout the dynamic world. Or, team up with friends to test your skills in competitive gameplay modes as part of this ever-growing open world full of danger and untold riches.


oclipa 1 year ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Excellent graphics and music, and I like the idea of the modular craft and the free-roaming nature of the game. The tutorial is also good, however it might be good to have some way to refer back to the instructions outside of the tutorial (are you meant to know what the specialisation of each drone is, or is part of the game to work this out?).

Two suggested improvements:
1) Maybe make it clear what the goal of the game is and why you would want to do certain actions at specific points (why would I want to attack a guardian when I can just fly round it?).
2) Is the plan to include more locations in the map? Do more appear as the game progresses? As it stands, it is not clear what the purpose of the map is (if the only location is Beacon Bay, why not simply have a "jump to Beacon Bay" command?).

Finally, I think I may have encountered a bug: after my initial drones all died, I revived them and also bought additional drones, however the game kept insisting "You have no drones to battle/mine" - was I meant to do something else to enable the drones?

goldfire 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback! There is a game guide that can be accessed from the toolbar, though we don't prompt you to look at it until later in the gameplay. We are making some changes to the tutorial to help teach you which guardians drones are strong against within the flow of play, so hopefully that addresses this. Yes, we currently have a 2nd trading post that will appear on the map once you discover it and we plan on adding more as the game world expands. That issue with the drones sounds like a bug that we are looking into.
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