Version 1.1.1 released.

Download visual enna64 guide here (PDF).

To test click TestApk.

or go to this updated page: Enna64page.

It is now officially available in Playstore, click here to install.

Enna64 is the paper and pencil strategy game for two players. The winner of the match is the one who have more pieces having no circles (called minor pieces). In this game app you can play vs AI or vs another Human player.   Each player has two types of pieces: Pieces with circles also called major pieces and pieces without circles also called minor pieces. The first player to start the game is the one who have pieces of orange colour and the second player owns pieces of purple colour.   Major pieces can be played anywhere on empty rooms but minor pieces can only be played on empty room that is adjacent to any other room with your major piece. When you don't have valid room to play minor piece you must play major piece. The game ends if board is full. If, at the end, number of minor pieces are the same for both players then the game is draw. To change the current piece type to play tap on top right piece button on game app interface.    You can start new game by tapping lower right icon where you can access even more options. This game requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or newer.

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