Use WASD to move. Dodge the enemies!

You can now move up & down with W and S!
- bug fixes

New level design, bug fixes


sumit07 1 month ago

i don't understand how to play this game but i know this it need improvements in everything :)

future-games 1 month ago

Just hold your mouse down to try to pass the enemies.

Catbugpig 1 month ago

Very simple, which is a great idea when your starting. The only thing I would improve, other than making it a bigger game, is probably giving the player a way to go backwards, and also it might be a good idea to create a multiple scenes and then have them randomly selected so the player gets a bit a variation. A little like a rogue like. Other than that it's pretty good.

future-games 1 month ago

Thank you! This is sort of a demo, incomplete. I will add a way to go backward, but I don't know what you mean by "multiple scenes".

mastershukki 1 week ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I liked the graphics style, but instead of just making the obstacles get faster, you should make them in different spots and different colors, but you could also work on the background too, its a little bland. If you could move up and down it'd be nice too, maybe some music or sound effects.

future-games 1 week ago

Thank you! I am still working on the background, and I can improve the level design if you like (at score 60 a fourth enemy is already added!). I will also make it so that you can move up and down.

WaffleStackDev 18 hours ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I like the idea, but eventually it just gets impossible to get past a certain point. Maybe I can spend points on a one time shield and gamble that I can go further? Or a powerup that slows things down for a bit?

future-games 4 minutes ago

Thanks! I have been working on a way to make it always be fully possible, and I am thinking about adding powerups and coins to the game, there will be an update soon.
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