Cookie Clicker, a game about making an absurd amount of cookies, millions, trillions, BILLIONS! The game countains some fun features included in it, bakers, and shops! Sell your cookies properly and wisely to get an amount of money to spend on different options ;)

Cookie Clicker got Updated! The Major Update is now Live globally for ALL platforms.

The Major Update Includes:

-New Gamemode "Advanced Mode" which contains and includes a brand new Cookie Clicker experience and gameplay

-Fixed bugs and made improvements for all the platforms

-Improved the game in general

And much more, check it out!

PS. To apply the update, reinstall the game.

Advanced Mode is the new gamemode on Cookie Clicker. Including new cool features to change the gameplay and the experience of the Cookie Clicker.

Advanced Mode contains:

-Achievements, (every week the achievements will change so you'll probably have to reinstall the game)

-Customizable Cookies (3 new cookies)

-Tiers, a new option for the Bakers and Shops. (replacement only on Advanced Mode)

-Random Events. (Golden Cookie will appear in random range and in a random timing, gives you bonus money)

-New Features, such as Hit Power which is the clicking event (doubles up the money when clicking)

-Upgrading All Profits, when this feature is active, doubles up and upgrades every option.

-Automatically Saving Progress. Saves your progress in no time.

Have Fun!

The TheSilentHouse Studio & The Cookie Studios Team.


spzondo444 1 month ago

Animation UI Graphics
Good game. Great animation, very fun to play.

ItsMeNic 1 month ago

Animation UI Graphics
Thats just how the Cookie Crumbles

3boxgames 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics Controls
Graphics is captivating, but would be better to fix some control issues

OrfeasWorldGamesStudio 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, i am aware of that issue, and i'll try to fix it as soon as possible, there are some updated planned both for pc and android users!
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