A hack n slash game where you use your magic brush to fight the shadows that have consumed the color of the world.

Your brush can store different colors that give you different powers and you can even combine them!

Another very important feature is that everything in the environment can help you when you paint it with your brush.  Different objects will produce different effects like recovering your health, summon allies, attack the enemies, create a shield to cover you , etc.

Paint the world and fight the shadows to restore color to this dead world!

This build includes a small level where you can enjoy most of the mechanics of the game. A lot of the art is placeholder in it but the gameplay is there.


JoseCalderon 2 years ago

Controls Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game is good, even so, I will leave a list of things that could be improved in my opinion.
1 - The speed of the character is faster than its animation, so he seems to "slip" on the ground.
2 - No music! Music with a lot of action would be great, especially in the combat scenes.
3 - I played it with gamepad and keyboard/mouse. The gameplay with gamepad is the best, but the interface is only for keyboard/mouse :(
4 - There aren't enough instructions! As an example: In the roots walls, instructions should tell you that you can use the number buttons (1,2,3 etc.) in order to change your current power.
5 - I didn't know what to do with the first stone monster. No instructions, no dialogues.
And finally I could not cross the black roots wall (The third roots wall of the game). I tried the blue and green power, but nothing happened.

Everything else was pretty good, especially the combat system :D
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